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Thu 24th Apr 14

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Adelaide's Inner and Outer Ring Routes

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The diagram above is a summary of Adelaide’s Inner and Outer Ring Routes. The diagram describes how Adelaide’s major metropolitan roads are integrated together and how the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI) is working towards providing a more efficient transport network.

The Inner & Outer Ring Routes aim to improve Adelaide’s major metropolitan roads by;

  • Increasing the efficiency of traffic flow
  • Improving safety for all road users including motorists, pedestrians, cyclists and the freight industry
  • Creating more pleasant streetscapes for residents and road users.
  • Considering the needs of public transport users and cyclists when improving Adelaide’s roads

Major projects already completed to upgrade Adelaide’s Inner and Outer Ring Routes are:

  • Hackney Road (Inner City Ring Route);
  • Robe Terrace Reconstruction (Inner City Ring Route); and
  • Torrens Road Upgrade (Connector Road).

The following projects are currently under construction:

  • Portrush Road Upgrade (Outer City Ring Route);
  • Hampstead Road – undergrounding of power lines (Outer City Ring Route); and
  • City West Connector (Inner City Ring Route).

The following major projects are in the concept development phase:

  • South Road between Port Road and Torrens Road (Outer City Ring Route)
  • Britannia Roundabout (Inner City Ring Route); and
  • Bakewell Bridge Upgrade (Inner City Ring Route).

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