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Thu 24th Apr 14

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Adelaide Airport

Adelaide Airport is the major airport in South Australia and caters for international, domestic and regional air services, as well as helicopters, the Royal Flying Doctor Service and other aerial services.

Prior to 1988, Adelaide Airport was owned and operated directly by the Commonwealth Department of Transport.

From January 1988 to May 1998, ownership was passed to a Commonwealth government business enterprise, the Federal Airports Corporation. The Commonwealth still owns the airport, but leased it to a private sector consortium operating as Adelaide Airport Limited in May 1998 on a 50 plus 49 year lease. This was part of the Commonwealth Government's effective privatisation of the national network of capital city gateway and major regional airports during 1996-98.

Adelaide Airport Limited is now responsible for the operation, maintenance, planning and development of the airport.

For further information please visit the Adelaide Airport website.

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