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Thu 24th Apr 14

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Transport Network

The transport network is crucial to the State’s economy and enviable lifestyle. Transport SA is committed to providing a transport system that is safe, accessible and efficient, while supporting the State’s economy, tourism and trade, and having minimal impact on the environment.

Click on the links below to find information and services pertaining to the transport network:

  • Adelaide’s Inner and Outer Ring Route Map
    A summary of how Adelaide’s major metropolitan roads are integrated together and how the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI) is working towards providing a more efficient transport network.
  • Airports & Aerodromes
    Information on airports, aerodromes and associated projects in South Australia
  • Facts & Figures
    Fascinating statistics on the road network in South Australia
  • Pavements and Structures
    Pavements and Structures provides the following a range of services and resources.
    • Asphalt and Bitumen Technology
    • Coatings and Corrosion Technology
    • Pavement and Field Testing Services
    • Pavement Investigation and Design
    • Pavement Materials Technology
    • Road Surfacing
    • Structural Materials Services
  • Metropolitan Road Management
    A mine of information and “how to”s such as applying for road closures and reporting faults
  • Projects
    In fulfilling our role in creating, improving and renewing transport system assets, Transport SA manages an extensive portfolio of projects
  • Traffic Operations
    Many people take the operation of traffic lights for granted. A state-of-the-art facility at the Traffic Control Centre (TCC) at Norwood coordinates all management of traffic in the Adelaide metropolitan area.
  • Victoria Park
    In December 2006, the State Government released its masterplan to rejuvenate Victoria Park (Bakkabakkandi). The key objective of the masterplan is to enhance the amenity and appeal of Victoria Park for community, cultural and major event activities.


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