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The departments priorities for safer travel are providing safe facilities, education campaigns to improve the way people use the transport system, and the enforcement of the legal requirements of transport users. We are particularly focussed on reducing the road toll.

Information and services on this site pertaining to safety are based on the mode of transport, namely:

  • Aviation Safety
    Aviation Safety ensures that South Australian strategies related to air services and airport development take account of changes in the safety regulations of aircraft, air transport providers and airports throughout Australia, which are administered by the Commonwealth Government through the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA)
  • Marine Safety
    These pages provide you with information on the legal and practical aspects of operating a boat or other vessel, including many of the marine marks and signals that make for safe vessel operation
    • Crash Reporting
      Outlines your legal obligations if you are operating a boat that is involved in a collision or other casualty
    • Commercial Vessel Survey
      A gateway for South Australian vessel owners / operators to all their survey needs. Commercial Vessel Survey works with designers, builders, owners and operators of vessels to provide advice on how to keep their operations safe.
    • Marine Safety Equipment
      Identifies the items of safety equipment that all boats operating in South Australian waters are required to carry, depending on the size of the boat and where it is being used
    • Recreational Boating Safety
      Provides some practical measures you can take to avoid common types of boating accidents, and actions you can take in an emergency to ensure the safety of the boat’s occupants.
  • Rail Safety
    Rail Safety is responsible for promoting, maintaining and enhancing the safety and competitiveness of private and public sector railways operating in South Australia.
  • Road Safety
    An extensive summary of issues surrounding road safety and the initiatives the department is taking to combat the road toll may be found at this site.
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