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Thu 17th Apr 14

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January 2007 flood images

Typical road damage caused by flooding between 18 January and 20 January 2007.

Quorn – Hawker Road

Boolcunda Creek, 10 kilometres north of Quorn
Water flowing over Boolcunda Creek crossing - north of Quorn
Water flowing over Boolcunda Creek crossing showing damage to bitumen - north of Quorn

Hawker – Orroroo Road

Yanyarrie Creek, 12 kilometres north of Carrieton
Water flowing over Carrieton Creek just north of Carrieton
Debris build up on road at Yanyarrie Creek - after the waters had subsided
Bitumen and concrete stabilisation washed away at Yanyarrie Creek
Departmental officer standing in what's left of crossing at Yanyarrie Creek - showing the depth and extent of the damage
Large section of road washed into Yanyarrie Creek
Craddock – floodway
Craddock – approach 500 metres north of town
Road approximately 5 kilometres north of Craddock

Hawker – Wilpena Road

Wonoka Creek between Hawker and airstrip
What's left of a depth marker, Wonoka Creek
Culvert and shoulder washout approximately 2 kilometres north of Hawker airstrip
Damage to crossing north of Hawker Airstrip - showing what's left of guardrail and culverts
Shoulder washout approximately 3 metres deep and up to 1 kilometre in length.
Typical scour and debris damage

Leigh Creek – Hawker Road

Hookina Creek
Moralana Creek

Yorkeys Crossing

Water over Yorkeys Crossing road - east of Port Augusta
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