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Thu 24th Apr 14

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Travel Options

We can all play a part in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and improving the quality of life for our community.

TravelSmart SA is about reducing our reliance on the car and making smart choices about other forms of transport.


Our cars have given us independence and convenience, allowing us to travel vast distances in very short times compared to other methods of travel.

However there are some negative consequences about our increasing use of cars as our main mode of transport.

  • In Adelaide alone over 75% of households own either 1 or 2 cars, with a reduced proportion of households not owning cars over the past 13 years.
  • In Australia passenger vehicles produce almost 40 million tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions and are a major contributor to air pollution in urban areas.
  • The amount of car travel means that we lose many opportunities to engage in physical activities that promote cardiovascular health.

Being TravelSmart when using the car

Being TravelSmart is about using a mix of travel modes. We recognise the car is very convenient but here are a few ideas for reducing the impact your vehicle has on the environment

  • Think about downsizing your car. If you own a V8 and do mostly city driving perhaps your next car could be fitted with a smaller, more economical engine.
  • Explore new types of technology as an option for your future car. Hybrid electric vehicles combine the battery and electric motor of an electric car with the internal combustion engine of a conventional vehicle. This results in twice the fuel economy.
  • Take care of your car - regular servicing and tuning helps the engine to run more efficiently leading to minimum emissions.
  • Share a ride with friends or colleagues as a way to cut down the number of kilometres you are individually travelling.
  • Use the car in conjunction with other modes of travel such as walking or cycling. This could mean just parking a kilometre away from your destination and walking the remainder of the distance

If we reduce our use of petrol by a quarter we could save ourselves up to 370 litres of petrol each year.

Check out this Car EcoMeter

Developed by RACV and EPA Victoria

Research Summary, April 2002, SA Department for Transport.
Getting from A-B Sustainably: ‘TravelSmart’, Energy SA & Transport SA.


Cycling to work saves you money on petrol and parking and beats the traffic jams.

Riding your bike will also help you

  • develop and maintain a healthy lifestyle
  • look after the environment by using fewer precious natural resources
  • enjoy a good time cycling with family or friends.

Cycling is inexpensive. Once you’ve bought your bike and accessories, it costs very little to get around

See Bikedirect for maps and guide to safe and enjoyable cycling.

Public transport

Trains and trams

Benefits of catching a train or tram

  • lessen the environmental impact - trains use diesel fuel which is less polluting than normal petrol
  • reduce congestion – one rail car can carry up to 135 passengers
  • arrive at your destination relaxed from being able to read a book or listen to music instead of having to concentrate on peak hour driving
  • reduce wear and tear on your car.

If your nearest station is not within walking distance you could mix the travel modes you use by driving to the station.

  • Over 3 000 car parks are provided across the network of Adelaide’s train and tram stations.

TransAdelaide (trams & trains)

Information on timetables, services on offer and ticket pricing is available online at

This site also has a great new interactive station location guide. You can search for the station nearest to your home or use this to plan future trips by tram or train.


Adelaide Metro (buses)

Get up and go on the Adelaide Metro website with comprehensive details available informing you off what timetables you need, which ticket is best for you and how to validate. The site also has a Journey Planner where you simply indicate where you’re travelling from and your destination and the Journey Planner will show you the way. Timetables and route maps are available for download, all easily accessible with a simple click of your mouse!

Get up and go bus service

Get up and go on a Go Zone, where you’ll only wait a maximum of 5, 10 or 15 minutes for a bus between the hours of 7.30am and 6.30pm Monday to Friday.

At night, on weekends and public holidays, you’ll wait a maximum of 30 minutes on most Go Zones.

Get up and go on a Roam Zone! bus service

This new product now on trial in the Southern Suburbs will, from 7pm to last service, 7 days a week, take you to your door or as close as street conditions will allow! Just look out for the bright blue bus stops!

Get up and get home safely with NightMoves! Bus service

NightMoves bus services will pick you up in the City and take you to your door, if you live within seven kilometres of the route! NightMoves is the easiest way to get home after a night on the town any Friday or Saturday night!

Get up and go to Football Park on the Footy Express bus service!

Forget about the traffic congestion and parking hassles getting to the Game on time! Simply leave the driving to us, and enjoy the Game!

Adelaide free bus services

Get up and get around town FREE and easily with the Adelaide FREE bus services!
Simply get on board a 99B Beeline or 99C City Loop bus service to take you where you want to go in the City of Adelaide! All Adelaide FREE buses are fully accessible and run seven days a week to get you to your favourite restaurant, art gallery, museum or wherever takes your fancy!

Bus SA! Regional services

Forget the kilometres and think of the savings you could make by travelling Bus SA! Regional bus operators provide regular services to many parts of regional South Australia, and with the high costs of fuel these days, there’s never been a better time to travel with the Bus SA network partners! Let your Bus SA network professional driver get you there while you relax and enjoy the scenery!


Walking is a simple form of active transport that

  • improves your health
  • costs nothing
  • produces no greenhouse gas emissions.

If you live close to work or local facilities, walking there means not having to worry about parking or traffic congestion and helps you arrive at your destination relaxed.

See Walking in Adelaide for

  • events and programs that promote walking
  • information on the benefits of walking as a form of active transport.


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