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Driving in South Australia
Safer roads, safer speeds, safer road users and safer vehicles are important to both the community and the government.

Below are links to some road safety information, but for a comprehensive guide to road safety in South Australia, please vist the Road Safety website.

Let's work together to reduce the road toll.

Road Safety Website
Click here to learn about Road Safety.
  • Australian Road Rules
    This link allows you to view the contents of the South Australian Road Rules, look at specific rules and download sections that you wish to keep
  • Driver’s Licence
    This site contains information about obtaining & renewing your driver’s licence
  • The Driver's Handbook
    This is your handbook for safety on the road - learn safe, courteous and sensible driving techniques. Incorporating fitness to drive self assessment.
  • Far Northern and Western Areas Road Report
    Alerts drivers of Far Northern road conditions
  • Metropolitan and Country Roadworks
    Alerts drivers of road conditions such as roadworks, major accidents, traffic signal faults and other traffic problems
  • Road Safety
    Find out about road safety conferences, local and national road safety initiatives and programs, and to learn about safe road use and travel.


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